Constitution of Concern for Swifts (Scotland) The Aims
The primary aim is to promote the conservation of Apus apus, the Common Swift, Ghoblain-mhora. The emphasis will be on practical measures to conserve nest sites with a view to ensuring that swifts will be able to continue to nest in our buildings in spite of modern building practices which generally exclude them from the fabric of buildings. Any other aim or activity which contributes to this primary aim will be seen as appropriate to the project e.g.

  to have the swift more widely recognised as a species in need of conservation.
  to research and document ways of ensuring that, overall, nest sites are not lost due to renovation, demolition and new buildings.
  to make information easily available on swift nest sites and ways of providing for swifts.
  to encourage and assist the practice of protecting existing or creating new swift nest sites in areas where there are swifts.
  to survey and monitor swift colonies.
  to provide a link and point of reference to all those interested in the conservation of swifts in our built environment so that action may be more efficient and effective.
  to have one co-ordinating member for each region of Scotland.

Membership will be open to any individual or organisation or group who/which is interested in participating in swift nest site conservation. Members should

- advise the co-ordinator &/or other members of the organisation of activities or publications or applications taken in the group's name ( in the interests of sharing experiences and knowledge)

- take due care not to damage the interests or reputation of the project

- agree to their names being passed on to other members in their area.

Supporters need not be members of the project, but will be prepared to forward the aims of the project and to lend their name in its support.

Funders and participating developers, contractors and architects will normally be considered to be supporters.

To hold a bank account in the name of the project.
To raise funds for the furtherance of the aims.
To use funds raised for the furtherance of the aims.
To use the name of the project to further the aims.

The management committee will consist of those who have offered to assist the aims of the project.

There will be a co-ordinator whose role will be to collect and disseminate relevant information regarding activities in Scotland and abroad.

There should be one member for each region of Scotland, who is prepared to act as co-ordinator for that region.

The management committee will operate on a co-operative basis.

Due to the fact that the project relates to the whole of Scotland, general meetings will not normally be held.

Where appropriate, local meetings may be held and a record of these meetings submitted to the co-ordinator, and made available through the internet and annual reports.

An annual report will be produced each year by the end of January of the following year.

A bank account will be maintained in the name of the project. (currently held by the c-ordinator)
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